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Please help farmers in crisis survive this drought.

They’ve faced drought before and they’re used to praying for rain, but this drought has been going on for six or so years now. It’s worn them down.

When the rains don’t come.
When your resources are exhausted.
And it feels like the world has forgotten.
A conversation can be enough to help keep you safe and give you the strength you need.

Donate now so no matter what, they can always turn to Lifeline.

The drought here in Queensland has challenged the endurance of a farming community, famous for being resilient.

It is taking a terrible toll.

Allan and Judy, breed cattle on a property west of Toowoomba. Conversations with Allan are peppered with stories about farmers who’ve killed themselves. “Something breaks in them”, he says. 

His brother in law. His neighbour across the way. The young bloke who drove his ute away from the saleyards like a madman, then…

Allan feels pretty sick about his bare paddocks and weakening cattle. The people in his community whose heart, souls and spirits and broken.

“I know one guy who had two hundred head of cattle.

He brought them into his yards – out Roma way – and organised trucks to take them to the saleyards. But when the carrier saw them he said ‘They're too poor. If they go down they won’t get up. They'll die in the trucks.'

So the owner went back to the yards and shot his two hundred cows then turned the gun onto himself.”

The drought is breaking even very strong people. We need your help.

People in regional and remote areas are 2.6 times more likely to die by suicide than those in urban areas

Suicide tears children, parents, siblings, partners and friends away from loved ones, and leaves a legacy of heartache and sadness.

The suicide rate in rural Queensland is at an all-time high and climbing higher. And there are more calls to Lifeline than ever before.

Allan has been on his place for 42 years. But with no water in the dams and the price of feed incredibly high, he doesn’t have much choice but to sell off his stock. Trouble is, nobody around has the money to buy them.

Help bring relief and care to Queenslanders in Crsis

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